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Grow Tin - Brilliant Bonsai

Create your own bit of calm in the home with Grow Tin - Brilliant Bonsai. Considered one of the m...

Create your own bit of calm in the home with Grow Tin - Brilliant Bonsai. Considered one of the most soothing (and expensive) hobbies in the plant world, tending Bonsai Trees is a craft that goes back centuries, and now you can get in on the action. Luckily too, green fingers aren’t required to grow these real beauties, and the kit is perfect for newcomers and experts alike.

They say the best things come in small packages, and while they may be the case with some things, we sometimes wonder if we’re just being genteelly being told that we, once again, won’t be getting a new car for Christmas. Well, either way, the saying should be changed to ‘the best things come in cut, colourful little tins’ as Grow Tin has released the coolest little range of home grow kits around. Beautifully packaged in colourful cans, these easy-to-grow items are just that - easy.

No fussing with weird looking equipment or having to have years of knowledge on complicated grow rates and conditions - just open and off you go. Perfect as a gift to a friend, or a little treat for yourself.

Disclaimer: This pack contains real plant seed, origin UK. The seed can die before or after germination. Please plant your seed as soon as possible. Due to the varying nature of the conditions that the seed are stored and grown in, neither Gift Republic Ltd nor any other company supplying this gift can accept any liability in relation to any non-performance of the seed or coir discs and pots. Occasionally, due to the nature and availability of the seed, it may be necessary to substitute certain seed varieties with alternatives. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Please retain this packaging for future reference. This is a novelty gift and must be regarded as such. 



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