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Fern Blend, Soil Ninja - 2.5L

Ferns can be a bit of a diva when we bring them into our homes, this mix has been specially formu...

Ferns can be a bit of a diva when we bring them into our homes, this mix has been specially formulated to provide a high moisture retention as well as the ability to drain around the fine, and to reduce the risk the shock of these fast growing roots of our beloved and delicate ferns.

Using a blend of: Coco Coir, Worm Castings, Horticultural Sand, Activated Charcoal

Mixed plentifully together to form a stable substrate that creates many microcosms for their intricate roots to spread and colonise. The addition of horticultural sand means the drainage is even throughout and will drain a little different to a chunkier mix, ensuring that the higher presence of worm castings can deliver that retained moisture and necessary nutrients! The activated charcoal plays a vital role in removing impurities from the substrate and allowing beneficial micro fauna and flora to flourish, as we know, a lot of roots cannot thrive without the necessary symbiosis of some microorganisms to help facilitate the uptake of nutrients and to break down macro nutrients into a substance that they can use. That’s the magic of soil, and Soil Ninja are intent to make you a fern casting witch!

Don’t just limit yourself to ferns for this mix, it makes a fantastic seed starting mix and any thirsty, delicate plant that enjoys a neutral pH soil base, like Cissus discolor or Spiral ginger! 

 2.5L bags


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