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Wedding Gifting

A plant is thoughtful, caring, and if looked after right, something to cherish for a long time after receiving it - which is why so many people think they make the perfect wedding gift to welcome a newlywed couple into marriage.

Plants tend to mean something. Obviously, we would think that, but we truly believe that certain plants, as a gift, can’t be beat when it comes to handing over something with love.

We have a huge selection of houseplants at leafy, but we also understand what type of plant is needed for the occasion e.g., does the happy couple on their wedding day really want to be receiving a prickly cactus, or a blossoming peace lily? At Leafy, our houseplant experts can nudge you in the right direction or follow your specific set of houseplant needs for the happy couple.

Want to get them a houseplant that best represents long-term love but don’t know the best pot to place it in? No problem, as all we need is a budget, and we can work our magic to create the perfect wedding gift.


Your plant gifts will of course be wrapped securely from recycled packaging by one of our plant experts are Leafy.

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