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Corporate Gifting

The power of small, thoughtful gifts can have an incredible knock-on effect throughout the workplace, and can boost morale, or just show that you care - and look - everyone loves a plant.

That’s a fact. A green workplace is a happy workplace, and we’re surrounded by 1000s of plants, so we should know.

Sometimes as boss you want to show your employees your appreciation for their time and effort within your business. Not everything has to be team building weekends away or the solitary end of year drinks party, and not every corporate gift has to break the bank.

As always, we have an incredible range of gift houseplants and beautiful pots that cover all budgets. All you need is a total budget or spend per person and we can help you select the perfect gifts from our huge range of plants and accessories.
And don’t worry - we don’t just select the ‘best looking’ plants, but take into consideration the needs of business, whether that’s picking plants that’ll remain in the office under lowlight, or gifts for total newbies.

Choose from the option of your corporate gifts being sent directly to each employee individually, or to your business in bulk.

Your plant gifts will of course be wrapped securely from recycled packaging by one of our plant experts are Leafy.

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