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About Leafy Plants

Leafy (then Nature by Letterbox) first planted it's seeds in the world on online shopping as a way to help lovers of house plants get their fix of nature during the lockdown of 2020. The goal was simple - provide a wide range of houseplants and indoor gardening supplements that arrived perfectly packaged to your doorstep during a time in which many of us were stuck indoors. The company was started with love and dedication, and from the very beginning, customers feedback to our committed reflected this.

The company was founded in a once clean spare room in Leigh on Sea, which quickly blossomed into a greenhouse before eventually moving to more suitable settings (tip - when starting a plant business, carpets are NOT your friend). As we grew, so did the quantity of orders, but we never lost the personal care we put into every package sent to our customers. We pack everything from scratch in small batches, using items either grown ourselves, or sourced from other small businesses local to our area.

Although Leafy Plants grew exponentially in a small space of time, we never lost the core values and beliefs of our little company that was started in a box room on the coast, which is anyone should be able to have access to plants, no matter the climate or personal situation. 

Naturally, we’re all lovers of all things green, and our initial goal of providing quality plants online remains steadily in place ahead of profits. As a company started by people with no customer service history, we wanted to do what other big businesses seemed to fail at, and that was to remember why they first began. We love making people happy, and seeing your plants grow on social media makes us happier than a grandparent at graduation.

And yes, all out plants graduate with honours.

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