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Variegated Houseplants

If these plants somehow became sentient, we’re pretty certain the first thing they'd do would be to start an Instagram account and take photos of themselves. It’s not hard to see why either, as this selection of plants are some of the most photographical across the internet.

Rising to superstardom over the last few years due to their multi-coloured leaf design and striking patterns, Variegated Houseplants are currently the undisputed kings of the plant world, dominating interior design photoshoots, and Instagram feeds alike. Think of them as the prom queen of the plant world, only everyone likes them.

Experts need only apply as when it comes to this range, as a calm and knowledgeable hand is what’s demanded when caring for them, since part of the leaf can sometimes be white, it can’t fully absorb sunlight and photosynthesis like the rest of the green leaf. Don’t be intimidated though, as plant lovers know full well that a plant isn’t just a nice thing to put in the corner, but an emotional investment that you share a relationship with. Think we’re joking? You should see us when a leaf sprouts.


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Variegated Pothos - 'Epipremnum N'Joy'


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