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Sun-loving Houseplants

Like your nan in Benidorm, or a former president we no longer talk about, these plants live for the rays! You may be thinking ‘but don’t all plants love the sun?’ and sure, every plant loves a chilled sunny afternoon, but these plants are all about the direct sunlight. Either sitting in your sun-filled hallway or resting on your windowsill these guys can’t get enough of that sweet photosynthesis action.

Perfect for an open plan living room, or a conservatory that needs a bit of a sprucing up, these plants are made to reflect the sun into your rooms, providing an array of yellows, greens, and oranges as the sun bares down onto their leaves. If ever there were a range of plants to help get you into a summer mindset, it’s these ones.

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Euphorbia Trigona Rubra, aka, African Milk Tree


Senecio rowleyanus, aka 'string of pearls'


Crassula Ovata, aka, Lucky Jade plant


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