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Rare & Unusual plants

When it comes to us humans, if we’re completely honest with ourselves, we do like a bit of attention. Maybe not full-on centre-of-the-universe fame, but when walking into a room it’s always good to make a few heads turn, right? Well, even if that’s not the case, when we have a plant display in our home, most of us love an exotic showstopper. Common, everyday plants always have a place in our green hearts, but you need a bit of exotic to keep things interesting and stand out in the crowd.

Rare and unusual plants can be new varieties that have been grown to stand out, but they can also be mysterious and exotic plants from other lands not yet popular among the masses. Understandably, not every variety of plant can survive in our cold climate, so we’ve handpicked the perfect selection of rare plants that are best suited to these chilly shores. So put on your safari gear, and venture into our selection of Rare & Unusual plants. Tally-Ho!

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Syngonium Podophyllum ‘Mojito’


Monstera Dubia on Plank, Rare

£120.00   £110.00

Alocasia Micholitziana ‘Frydek’


Philodendron - ‘White Knight’


Calathea Triostar

From  £18.00

Aglaonema 'Red Star' - 'Chinese Evergreen'


Aglaonema 'Spotted Star' - 'Chinese Evergreen'

From  £11.00

Syngonium Pink Robusta

£50.00   £5.00

Philodendron Pink Princess, Rare


Philodendron Prince Of Orange


Alocasia Baginda - 'Silver Dragon'

From  £9.00

Spathiphyllum Diamond - 'Diamond Peace Lily' Variegata


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