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Kitchen Plants

Want a plant to liven up the top of your fridge, or maybe bring a bit of green decorative colour to your oven fan? Maybe you have the space for a floor plant and need something to distract you from the ever-overflowing bin that only you seem to empty?

Introducing a tactically placed plant into your kitchen space is an ideal way to bring the most sterile of places to life or add a bit of flare to that bare windowsill. A well-kept topical plant can happily live in the kitchen, as it’s one of the more humid rooms in the home, perfectly climatizing themselves to the heat and moisture of the kitchen - just learn from our mistakes and keep them away from the open flames, as there is no such recipe as a stir-fry-ala-monstera.

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Epipremnum Aureum - Marble Queen Pothos

From  £7.99

Epipremnum Aureum Neon- 'Neon Pothos'

From  £7.99

Scindapsus Pictus - 'Satin Potho'


Chlorophytum comosum - 'Spider Plant'

From  £4.50

Spathiphyllum - 'Peace Lilly'

From  £2.99

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