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Hanging & Trailing

Short of floor space? Or if like us, you’ve somehow managed to cover every square-metre of your place with every plant known to mankind and are looking to move into your home’s stratosphere? Do you long to turn your room into even more of a lush jungle, but are annoyed with that pesky bed taking up valuable space? Then have we got a revolutionary suggestion for you! Hanging and trailing plants.

Ceiling or wall, a hanging plant can transform a space, with its cascading leaves tumbling down from the floating pot or hanging over a bookshelf to create a bit of unruliness in your life. For our money, nothing causes a sense of organised chaos like a hanging plant, with its 'jungle' look the perfect addition to adding that impression of ‘wild’ to your indoor set-up.

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Philodendron Scandens, aka, 'HeartLeaf Pothos'

From  £11.99

Epipremnum Aureum, aka, Marble Queen Pothos


Monstera Adansonii, aka, Monkey Mask


Epipremnum Aureum Neon, aka, Neon Pothos, Devils Ivy

From  £7.99

Scindapsus Pictus Epipremnum Pictum Argyraeus. aka, 'Satin Potho'


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