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Foliage Houseplants

The impact players of the plant world, whether it’s in the home or garden. A perfectly placed plant can really tie a room together, and with a plant that centres on foliage you’re guaranteed a piece that acts as a focal point for anyone entering the room. Even in the garden, a plant with protruding leaves can add weight to a once sparse looking landscape, bringing a sense of completion to an otherwise bare space.

They’re also ideal for bringing a sense of wild to a room, adding an exotic, jungle look that can easily complement a bookshelf, or hide those old DVDs, and allow the homeowner to play around with space, as who doesn’t love a giant plant in a box room. And plants with bold, hardened foliage are also able to adapt to surviving the winter months as well, which is perfect for the UK.

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Nephrolepis exaltata 'Bostoniensis' - Boston Fern

From  £6.99

Chamaedorea elegans - 'Parlour Palm'

From  £3.50

Philodendron Pink Princess, Rare


Philodendron Prince of Orange, Rare

£12.00   £8.00

Spathiphyllum - 'Peace Lilly'

£14.00   £2.99

Anthurium Andraeanum - Diamond Red


Epipremnum Aureum - Marble Queen Pothos

From  £4.50

Calathea - 'White Fusion', Rare

£42.00   £25.00

Coco Coir Moss Pole

From  £6.99

Epipremnum - Global Green Pothos

£9.50   £9.00

Calathea Triostar

From  £18.00

Scindapsus Pictus - 'Satin Potho'

From  £3.00

Alocasia Baginda - 'Silver Dragon'

From  £9.00

Sansevieria Trifasciata Black Coral - 'Snake Plant'

£70.00   £12.99

Pilea Peperomioides - 'Chinese Money Plant'

£10.00   £9.00

Alocasia Reginula - 'Black Velvet'

£35.00   £11.00

Aeschynanthus Twister - 'Lipstick plant'


Dypsis Lutescens - 'Areca palm'

From  £30.00

Philodendron Birkin - 'White Wave'


Epipremnum Aureum Neon- 'Neon Pothos'

From  £9.00

Calathea Makoyana - 'Peacock Plant'

From  £18.00

Monstera Adansonii - 'Monkey Mask'

£16.50   £15.00

Aeschynanthus Rasta - 'Lipstick plant'


Sanservieria Cylindrica Twisted "African Spear"


Philodendron Scandens - 'HeartLeaf Pothos'

From  £8.50

Sansevieria Superba - 'Snake plant'

From  £8.99

Calathea Zebrina

From  £6.49

Golden Pothos Rooted Cuttings

From  £3.00

Aglaonema 'Spotted Star' - 'Chinese Evergreen'

From  £11.00

Syngonium White - 'White Butterfly Syngonium'

£9.00   £7.00

Calathea Rufibarba - 'Velvet Calathea'


Schefflera Arboricola ‘Dwarf Umbrella Tree’


Calathea Louisae - 'Maui Queen'

£17.99   £15.00

Dracaena marginata - 'Dragon Tree' C&C Only


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