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Bedroom Plants

A bedroom is a place of relaxation, where you can switch off from the chaos of the previous day and recharge. You want this space to be calming and unassuming, not a room that’ll make your mind run a million miles a minute, and what better way to help you switch off than with a plant? Hear us out - you can’t get more settling than a healthy plant, just sitting there in the corner of the home, not barking, not emitting light blue light - just quietly chilling waiting for the sun to rise. 

Houseplants in the bedroom tend to not be attention grabbers, but more a plant that provides a subtle colour palette change from the soft tones of the bed sheets and blinds. And with many plants being air purifying it’s a great way to reduce the toxins in the bedroom that cause unrest during your hard-earned hours of sleep.

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Ceropegia woodii - 'String of Hearts'

£7.99   £4.50

Yucca Elephantipes - 'Spineless Yucca'

From  £8.00

Peperomia prostrata, string of turtles

From  £4.50

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