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Air-purifying Plants

If there’s one thing all of us city dwellers can agree on, it’s that the air could certainly do with more purifying from time to time. Even if you live outside the concrete jungle, the added benefits of owning a real indoor jungle are revolutionary, as surprisingly indoor air pollution can sometimes be 5 times worse than outdoors (don’t just take our word on it, as these are the findings of the smarty-pants’ at NASA).

Air-purifying plants don’t just make you appeal to scientists though, as they also detoxify your rooms by cleaning airborne toxins, germs and even dust. Thanks very much! And as we tend to spend a vast amount of time indoors (even when not under lockdowns), a plant that provides a well-needed daily health-kick is most welcoming, especially when the device providing the detoxification is a nifty little green beauty sitting in the corner of your room.

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Aeschynanthus Twister - 'Lipstick plant'


Philodendron Brandtianum, Silver Leaf Philli


Asparagus Plumosus - 'Asparagus Fern'


Chamaedorea elegans - 'Parlour Palm'


Anthurium Andraeanum - Diamond Red


Sansevieria Trifasciata Black Coral - 'Snake Plant'

From  £12.99

Scindapsus Pictus - 'Satin Potho'

From  £8.99

Spathiphyllum - 'Peace Lilly'

From  £2.99

Monstera Adansonii Variegated, Super Rare


Philodendron Scandens - 'HeartLeaf Pothos'

From  £7.99

Epipremnum Aureum - Marble Queen Pothos

From  £7.99

Monstera Adansonii - 'Monkey Mask'

From  £14.99

Epipremnum Aureum Neon- 'Neon Pothos'

From  £7.99

Sansevieria Superba - 'Snake plant'

From  £8.99

Chlorophytum comosum - 'Spider Plant'

From  £4.50

Monstera Deliciosa - 'Swiss Cheese'


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