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5 Tips Every New Plant Parent Needs to Know

5 Tips Every New Plant Parent Needs to Know

Whether you’re a new hand to the world of houseplants, or a seasoned professional, it’s important to know and understand the basics. Many beginner plant owners wonder why their new additions to the house keep on struggling, but as any experienced plant parent will tell you, there’s a lot more to indoor jungles than watering them once a week. However to make things even more chaotic, there is also a lot of complicated advice that you maybe don’t need to know straight away when dipping your toe into the world of Calathea Orbifolia and Chamaedorea elegans.

So we’ve complied the top 5 tips that every new plant parent needs to know.

Let the light in

When it comes to plants you need to understand what type of plant you have, and where best to place it in your home. Most plants can’t survive without light, even when advertised as low light variations, as photosynthesis and those sweet Vitamin D rays are the lifeblood of any good indoor jungle.

You’ll find that most plants in the UK require bright, indirect sunlight, which pretty much means a well-lit room, but away from the direct rays of the sun (though short periods are usually fine for most common houseplants). If you do have a houseplant placed in a lowlight room, you can move them into sunlight every now and then, so they gain some Vit D.

All about the water

One day, we’ll have to do a Top 10 list of ‘best ways to kill a houseplant’ and just repeatedly write ‘Overwater them’.

Overwatering houseplants is by far the most common way to kill them, and if we’re being honest with ourselves, we’ve all done it at least once in our life. The finger test, for us, is the perfect way for new plant lovers to work out if their house plants need watering. All you need to do is feel the soil, and if it’s dry then pour on some water, if not let it rest some more. If you have plant pots that have vents or holes, then don't worry about over watering when showering them in h20 - the excess liquid will drain away.

Feeding your plants

It’s easy to ignore fertiliser when it comes to houseplants. After all, plants in their natural habitat don’t use them, and they seem to thrive well enough, right? Well, in the wild, the earth and soil has 100s of different nutrients which help plants grow, whereas houseplant soil has very little.

Many houseplant owners don’t use them and are always completely shocked at the different it makes to their growth rate and even colour. There are standard fertilisers, or you can get special ones for specific breeds. The best way to think of them are protein shakes for your houseplants - a way for the to bulk up after a hard workout of sitting in the sun all day.

Don’t fear the re-pot

Repotting your plants isn’t the easiest thing to get your head around if you’re new to the houseplant world. Plants look delicate, and if you’re killing them without touching them, imagine the damage you can do when you’re using your hands to rip them out their home.

Some people find the task annoying, but for us it’s really therapeutic to get soil under your fingernails and clean between the roots.  Re-potting is an important task if you want your plant to be healthy and grow bigger. If your plant has drainage holes and you see roots popping out, then it’s time to invest in a bigger pot. Make sure when repotting that you have the right potting mix on hand, as well a delicate touch when it comes to removing the soil form around the roots

The Houseplant big clean

As humans, we clean our faces all the time (at least we hope you do). We don’t have to know the science behind it, as even if there were no health benefits to it, the fresh water and feeling of clean skin makes us feel better. Well, the same can be said for houseplants.

Just like us, the surface of the foliage has pores that can clogged up with dust and dirt that stops your plant growing to its full potential. Clean is as easy as wiping down a table - just get a damp cloth and gently wipe the tops of the leaves until the dust is gone. It’s a simple practice that does wonders for the health, and look

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